As a country, New Zealand can be proud of the fact most of our electricity is currently generated using Renewable Energy technology and sources. Hydro, Geothermal and Wind technology generate 70% of our electrical demand, with the remainder generated via fossile fuel methods (Coal, Oil and Gas).


At Electrical Process Development, we can design and engineer your Automated systems, fabricate and assemble your Control Panels, develop your SCADA package and program your PLC's. Our experienced electrical technicians can also install and commission your Variable Speed Drives and HMI's, integrating your power controls with a dedicated automated solution.

Alongside our Automation services, we offer our dedicated Telemetry solution for your factory, processing plant, winery or orchard, with both local and remote location capabilities.


At Electrical Process Development, we are specialists in the field of professional design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems, for all Commercial, Industrial, Communications, Refrigeration, Construction and Special Project applications.